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Admitad: The gateway to multiply your income 

The German platform Admitad works through its affiliate network. It acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. By facilitating these meetings, it can also earn its commissions on the sales made. Many people have tried to call one of the brands following a sale made with their AI.Marketing advertising budget. The only downside is that these brands, generally referred to as « aggregators » but they don’t know how their marketing works. Or at least, they don’t always know all the players.

Admitad lance le Marketplace


The advertisers

Today, these brands (Decathlon, Kiko, Lenovo, Walmart) are considered as advertisers. They offer products or services. Thanks to marketing, it is now possible to target the advertising content to bet put forward, notably thanks to the famous cookies. We can therefore have a targeted advertising that will be more likely to attract potential buyers. The Admitad platform intervenes here and secures the transactions by ensuring the follow-up of the orders. It will also ensure to filter impertinent traffic and to protect the personal data of each.

The publishers

The publishers on their side are users of social networks or owners of online sales sites. They seek to work with these brands for their own advertising campaigns. They will therefore make external campaigns available in targeted locations according to the target audience. It can be a domain (sport, religion, cooking, art, advertising), an age group, gender, a service addressed to a specialized audience and many others specialized public or others particular things…


Predominant and independent

AI.Marketing works with several affiliate websites. Admitad is one of the main ones. Indeed, the platform is considered as the most reliable of the web in terms of shopping. It has no less than 2,000 advertisers who work together with 800,000 site publishers. Finally, it generates it own revenue by earning a small commission in sales and through the various CPA (cost per action). It includes views, clicks, filled forms and yet the installation of plug-ins.


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