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AI.Marketing’s resuming to work

On July 15, the AI.Marketing’s platform stopped working, following an anonymous complaint to the RosKomNadzor. The RosKomNadzor is the equivalent of FTC (Federal Trade Commission – USA) or ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office – UK)  in Russia. This malfunction appeared following massive DDoS attacks that targeted the bank in charge of payments. All transactions, in cash or cryptocurrencies, were consequently interrupted. Several banking institutions blacklisted our cashback platform, starting with the Bank of Russia. The charges against us are as follows:

  • Dissemination of information containing calls for mass riots
  • Incitement to carry out and/or implementation of extremist activities
  • Possession and dissemination of information deemed illegal

As you can see, these are serious and slanderous accusations that are totally different from Wexford’s policy and activities. After a briefing with the various AIM teams worldwide, we would like to reassure you. Since August 15th, several updates are being made to our platform. Transactions with aggregators will resume for all member accounts in the next two weeks. We are managing to restart approximately 150 to 180,000 accounts per day. However, in order to restore all activity to the nearly three million AI.Marketing accounts, a transition period is required.

In addition, all of your data from previous advertising campaigns is retained. If a portion of your cashback is not yet displayed on your home interface: don’t panic. If this is not yet the case, a tab « previous campaigns » will soon appear under your AI.Marketing card number. In this tab you will see three pieces of data: your « unused cashback », your « generated cashback » and your « pending cashback ». These data were saved before the blocking and are still frozen by RosKomNadzor. We hope to be able to unlock the latter amounts very soon. On the other hand, if deposits were made after July 15, they should also appear in your advertising balance soon. As for deposits in crypto-currencies or via PerfectMoney, the activities are back on track and fully operational. AIM is ready to mobilize its Protect fund in case of further difficulties with the Bank of Russia but the course of events seems encouraging and suggests more of a return to normalcy. 

The entire AI.Marketing team hopes to return to optimal operation as soon as possible.


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