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My goal is to recover my initial investment

Christophe works in web development. He has been using the AI.Marketing robot for three months now. He tells us about his experience with the advertising campaigns and regrets the lack of an automatic reinvestment option for his cashback

How would you define AI.Marketing?

AI.Marketing is a company that uses our money to create online advertising using their robot that knows how to generate winning campaigns and stop them when the campaign doesn’t pay enough and recreate new ones and so on.

How did you hear about AI.Marketing?

I heard about AI.Marketing through some office colleagues. They told me about it and I decided to test it with a small amount of money at the beginning.

Did you have any doubts at first? If so, how did you deal with them?

I had doubts because I thought the rate of gain was too high for it to be real. But knowing the world of affiliate marketing, I know that such high earnings are possible. By looking into the site, I also understood how they are paid. When a sale is made, about 60% of the affiliate earnings are paid back to us and about 40% remains with AI.Marketing. I understand better how they can afford to pay 5% to sponsors and give bonuses for active members on the INB network.

How long have you been using AI.Marketing and how often?

I have been using the Ai.Marketing robot for its advertising part for about two three months, I spend several sessions a day of a few minutes each time to reinject the validated cashback into the robot. I think it’s a pity that they don’t put a checkbox so that it’s automatic.

Why do you use AI.Marketing?

The first goal for me is to recover my initial investment, I regularly make small withdrawals in Bitcoin. Once the initial stake is fully recovered, the robot will play with its own money.

What is your experience with AI.Marketing?

In total I invested $600 in the robot. I first invested $100 in the first month and then about $500 spread over the second month. At the moment I am at 1680 dollars generated, 1080 of which are still waiting for validation. I think that over three months, it is really difficult to make the ratio of earnings since the amounts invested were not made at once.

How do you go about running your robot?

I put money back in the second month after checking that I was receiving my payment requests. Now I won’t add any more money, I’ll even take some out regularly to pay myself back and make a profit, but always leaving more each month in the robot. To put it simply, I either reinvest in the bot or withdraw in Bitcoins on Coinbase.

Do you use other capital creation solutions in parallel?

So in addition to cryptocurrencies, I use the Emrys payment card which works on the same principle and I also use affiliate services.

Do you plan to spend more money on AI.Marketing in the future to make more profit?

No, I will let the robot run with the cashback it pays me.

Would you recommend AI.Marketing to a friend today? Why would you do that?

Yes, I would recommend putting some money into the robot and letting it run with the cashback it will generate. It’s also important to understand that the $50 offer to get started is not really a donation, you’ll have to pay it back before you can put the cashback back into the bot. This is not a problem, but it’s worth mentioning anyway.


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