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Every penny counts 

Ines is a communications officer for a college campus. She discovered AI.Marketing through a Youtube video and has been using it for four months now. She is convinced of the financial potential of cashback platforms. Today she tells us about her experience with the robot.

How would you define AI.Marketing ?

For me, it’s a platform that will allow us to use our dormant money and make more interest from it than if it stayed in my bank.

Did you have any doubts at the beginning? If so, how did you deal with them?

I know several platforms that use the affiliate system and I think it’s a process that works as long as there is a concrete activity behind it. Here specially, we use advertising and I think everyone is subject to it.

How long have you been using AI.Marketing and how often?

I’ve been using it for four months now and I try to go once or twice a week.

How do you use AI.Marketing?

I use both systems, advertising on the one hand and offline cashback services on the other.

Why do you use AI.Marketing?

Because it allows me to generate passive income in several ways.

What is your experience with AI.Marketing?

At the moment I am at 300 dollars invested from my own pocket. For the past four months I’ve had to check, but with the cashback I’m up to 1100 dollars in earnings generated. I calculated a week ago what I had saved with the offline cashback, I was close to 90 euros. Every penny counts

How do you go about making your robot work?

When I go on the site I reinvest the cashback in my advertising budget without putting any money back and I have already made a withdrawal at the end of the first quarter. I record the statistics of my account once every three weeks or so to keep track of my account. I have also seen that there is now, in France, the Ai.Gestion platform, I will look into it soon.

What do you do with the money you collect?

For the moment I’m withdrawing on my Payeer account and I’m getting more and more interested in cryptocurrencies. I don’t know if I will ever invest in the bigger ones but why not try for a smaller currency like Ether or XRP. I’m watching the prices more and more.

Do you use other capital creation solutions in parallel?

I use the Poulpeo application. It’s like Igraal, you’ll get cashback and promo codes on your purchases. There’s more choice than I can buy myself.

Do you think you will eventually spend more money on AI.Marketing to make more profit?

I don’t know. I don’t have to bite off more than on can chew (laughs). I’m not rolling in money, otherwise I think I would actually put more money in. We’ll see in a while.

Would you recommend AI.Marketing to a friend  in the future?

Recommending is perhaps a bit strong. I talk about it around me but people remain rather sceptical about this kind of method. Even for some people who play in the stock market and with cryptos. But strangely when I prove them my earnings it already interests them more (laughs).   


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