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How to use Payeer with the MarketBot?

Sometimes the system of completing your advertising balance is temporarily unavailable through the banking services (VISA/Mastercard/Maestro). Also, we must point out the huge commissions that banks take when you choose to invest your money differently. The joys of capitalism… To avoid exorbitant fees, it is preferable to go through multi-currency online payment applications that use a virtual wallet. Among them are Revolut, ApplePay, PayPal and the one we are interested in today: Payeer.


What is Payeer?


This digital finance application (available on Apple, Android and Microsoft) allows you to manage your account in accordance with the rates of fiat currencies (dollar, euro, ruble) and crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, LTC, XRP…). It can also be a tool to get you started in currency trading. The creation of your Payeer account is independent of any steps with AI.Marketing. If your smartphone has NFC technology, you can use this wallet for your daily purchases. Note however that when you top up your Payeer account, your bank will take a commission if you want to switch your money to a different currency than the one in your country. In addition, the exchange rate will automatically be applied to the balances you wish to move. For example, if your country uses the Euro as its official currency, a preferential rate of about +5.26% will apply for the dollar. So, think about investing 107 dollars (90 euros) in your Payeer account to cover these various fees.


How to recharge your AI Marketing account with Payeer?


Once your Payeer account is refloated, you can increase your ads balance on AI.Marekting. To do so, click on « Top up » in the right bar to access to the dedicated menu.

For our site, you can use Payeer to increase your advertising budget only in dollars. Once you have selected your method, click on « pay ». You will be redirected to the Payeer merchant platform where you will have to select your payment method to confirm it.

Once you have chosen your payment method, you will be shown a summary of your order with the application’s fees. The application will take a commission of 0.96% for amounts in dollars ($100 = $100.96, $50 = $50.48…).

These fees may be different depending on the current currency in the country in which you are located. Finally, you will just have to connect to your Payeer account to validate the operation.

This operation may be subject to a double verification by your bank and the app. All you must do is follow the instructions.

The money is transferred quickly (two to eight hours). If your robot is stopped, it will get back to work within 48 hours.


Withdraw money with Payeer


Once your cashback is generated, you can also withdraw your money through Payeer. Be careful because the minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and you will be charged $3. Therefore, opt for punctual withdrawals on large amounts (every three months for example) to minimize losses.


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