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I’m a student and part-time work doesn’t pay a lot 

Quentin chose to use AI.Marketing to generate passive income in addition to his student job. Today this law student tells us about his experience with AI.Marketing which allows him to multiply his income sources.

How would you define AI.Marketing?

For me, AI.Marketing is a company that will use your money to do targeted advertising and return part of the interest generated by your ads.

How did you hear about AI.Marketing?

At a party, I had friends who were comparing their earnings. I didn’t know anything about it and they explained to me how it worked right away.

Did you have any doubts at first? If so, how did you deal with them?

At the beginning, it’s true, you don’t want to believe it. Making money without doing anything, I could feel the Ponzi scheme coming on. I was sure that it only worked through affiliation. I then watched a lot of videos on YouTube in English and French. Then I took the plunge to see.

How long have you been using AI.Marketing and how often?

I started two months ago. I waited to see how it really worked with the $50 gift certificate. Then I put some money back in.

How do you use AI.Marketing?

At the moment it’s all advertising but I’ve been looking at offline in relation to your blue card tickets, I’ll try it when I get the chance.

Why do you use AI.Marketing?

There’s an element of fascination. You can really make money without doing anything, it’s amazing. Then the other obvious reason is to make money. I’m a student and part-time work doesn’t pay much (laughs).

What is your experience with AI.Marketing?

Well, after a month I had finished using my gift voucher but in order to withdraw I had to pay it back. I didn’t know that at the very beginning. So I put in $100 to see. Now I’ve been on it for about two months and I’ve made about 220 dollars. I can’t take it all out yet, but here’s a rough estimate of the profit. It seems to me that I was in the 40% profit range. That’s treacherous, don’t trust it too much I think.

How do you go about running your robot?

For the moment I’m just letting it run and out of my 100 dollars I’ll try to pay myself back as I go along to keep some money for advertising.

What do you do with the money collected

Most of it goes back into the robot and I always have a small amount in my Payeer account.

Do you use other capital creation solutions in parallel?

I’m looking more and more at solutions that work with this cashback principle. When I find something that corresponds to what I’m looking for on Igraal, it happens to me.

Do you plan to spend more money on AI.Marketing in the future to make more profit?

I don’t think so, it’s very much a function of what you put in and I don’t necessarily have much more to add. Maybe I’ll put back some small amounts like 50 dollars, from time to time, when I’m fully paid back.

Would you recommend AI.Marketing to a friend today? Why would you do that?

I’m talking about it because I love the project and I really believe in it.


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