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Nathan Entreprendre’s follow-up

Do you know Nathanaël Ntonga? This young Canadian videographer now has nearly 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel Nathan Entreprendre. He starts the AI.Marketing adventure in September 2020 with a first investment of 350$ and the gift certificate of 50$. All in all, he starts his MarketBot with $400. To generate profits, he uses the three methods offered by our platform. The reinvestment of your cashback in your advertising budget, the profits of his affiliates and the offline cashback. Today, after eight months of activity, he has managed to generate over $60,000 in cashback.

In order to facilitate the understanding of AI.Marketing opportunities, Nathan has created a series of videos available on his channel. This Youtuber has already convinced a small French-speaking community around the world and can help you see more clearly how we work. Whether it’s the Marketbot or our other solutions such as « Sharing » (godfather and godchildren) or offline cashback. Through this series rich in experience, conviction and educational content, you are ready to use AI.Marketing and make a lot of profits.


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