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The origin of AI.Marketing

We often hear about scams or Ponzi schemes. However, to guard against a fraudulent company, the first step is to check how long it has been in existence. Indeed, financial scams today have (fortunately) a very limited longevity. When we are interested about AI.Marketing and introduced to the concept of cashback and how does it works, it is normal to ask ourself questions. It is another scam for naive young contractor? No, the sponsorship system is only secondary in the capital creation process. To ensure the legitimacy of our robot, we can start by looking at the origin and at the helm of the company.

July 22, 2017: the birth

AI.Marketing is not a business compagny in itself. It is a domain name (registered in October 2015) and used by the Russian company Wexford Alliance Limited (company number 2531493). According to Opencorporates, which is based on the Hong Kong Compagnies Register (ICRIS), the company was established on Mai 2, 2017. This private company limited by shares (PLC) is behind the AI.Marketing trademark, which, is born on July 22, 2017. So, here are more than three years that the MarketBot continue to entice.

A Russian company based in Hong Kong

Why would a Russian company establish its business in Hong Kong? Because quite simply, Hong Kong is the best place to set up a business. Indeed, with one of the most liberal economies in the world and ridiculous registration fees, the city is a holy land to set up the headquarter of the company. Moreover, the required capital (10’000 HKD) is well below the world average. Located at the entrance to mainland China and with a multicurrency banking center, it offers an unparalleled aperture. Finally, if this doubt exists, it is certainly normal, but does not have to remain in view the elements proven by ICRIS.


UDMCREATORS LTD, Company number 13194692 #2531493

Unit 111420, Second Floor, 6 Market Place, London, United Kingdom, W1W 8AF



All the trade marks belong to the lawful owners. AI.MARKETING TM is a registered trade mark of Wexford Alliance Limited