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The Transparency of Phil Bka

Do you know Philippe Bka? This french videographer now has nearly 24,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel Phil Bka. In November 2020, he embarked on the AI.Marketing adventure by depositing $500 in his advertising budget. At the same time, he starts his video series to talk about his results while providing answers and tips. With his good humor, he initially tries to give tips on how to turn his passions and knowledge into passive income and create additional revenues.

His video series goes further and is ideal for anyone interested in the services offered by AI.Marketing. With the help of the 50+ videos he has made, any doubts a new beneficiary might have are dispelled. He answers in video to most of the questions that one asks before investing in AI.Marketing and alerts on the errors to be avoided. In short, he popularizes the investment fund that our platform represents by not basing it on shares but on the cashback recovered from your ads. With ten years of experience in affiliate marketing and thanks to his numerous collaborations with AI.Marketing and AI.Gestion, Phil Bka  gives you all the cards to hold to make « Sweet Sweet Money ».


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